Monday, January 21, 2013


All over the globe there are orphanages and where there are orphanages their are orphans. It is easy to say that word and think of a group of people, but each orphan represents an individual. An individual that has been uniquely created by God. A person that deserve every chance to have a life and the love of the parents that created them.
For those children who have no choice but to grow up in an orphanage, there is a day in the future that could be good or bad. It can be good if there is a plan in place for them to move out and get established, if they have been prepared for the world they are about to enter.
For some this is a day they have dreaded for years. When these precious children become teens and then become 18 or 19 depending on their country, they will need to leave the safety (hopefully it has been a safe place) of their "home" and enter the world. Unfortunately the world they are about to enter can be a horrible place.
There are a number of reasons this can be horrible which include: no job, no where to live, not knowing anyone and leaving all your friends behind as you leave, the risk of resorting to crime in order to survive, depression and maybe the worst of all human trafficking.
In many countries when a teen leaves the orphanage they are picked up within 24 hours and  given a promise of work, only to be taken by cruel people who have another agenda. It is sickening.
Please begin to pray or remember today for the safety of children leaving the orphanages of the world. There are 153 million orphans around the globe and that is a lot of at risk people. Tomorrow I am going to share my heart for what can be done to help.


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