Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Broke my heart

I started the day off today with a friend that had been away on a mission trip to Asia recently. I loved looking at his pictures and loved the joy and excitement he exuded as he told stories. I was thrilled to see what was happening in the lives of new believers who had been introduced to God.

As we continued to go through his pictures, I came across the picture of a little girl. I inquired about who she was,  her name was Anna. Anna was 10 years old and is living in an orphanage. She had been brought to the orphanage when she was eight. She had been rescued from a brothel where she had been sexually abused/trafficked for some time and was addicted to cocaine. It broke my heart!

I looked at this picture over and over and tried to imagine what a horrible life this precious child had for the first eight years of her young life. It had to be filled with rejection, hurt, pain and abuse for years. This should not be tolerated in society. If we have a heart at all for people, things like this should disgust us and call us to action.

I also looked ahead another eight years and my thought of where Anna might be scared me. To think that this amazing little girl could be put back into a world that took advantage of her hurts my spirit. I have already started to pray for Anna that God would protect her and be her defender.

Ps 68:5 says "A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows is God in His holy dwelling, God sets the lonely in families."

I am compelled more than ever to be a part of the healing process for the precious "ANNA's in this world" I pray that you will help us do that.


Blogger Sarah Doohan said...

Nothing is more disturbing than knowing about the staggering statistics of the black market slavery issues. This is a plea I've had to pray very hard to God to understand how He can let this go on. It also makes me understand that there is evil in this world and that the hearts of men are truly desperately wicked without Him.

12:17 AM  
Anonymous Beth in Ukraine said...

Keep up the excellent posts, Scott! This one is big on my heart, too.

5:06 AM  

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