Saturday, February 02, 2013

Get active, be present

I love this article, our Canadian Mounties stepping up to the plate to take care of orphaned children in Haiti.What is shows is that with a little compassion we can make a difference in the lives of hurting children around the globe.
Supt. Norm Gaumont (R) attends a solemn ceremony
One of the key things that was shared in the article was found near the end where the Mountie says: " One of the biggest things they miss is they don't get alot of loving." What is he saying?

The greatest gift we can give orphaned children is love. We need to not just say we love them or send money to solve their problems, but they need our presence and they need to be loved. I wonder what our own children would think if all we did was throw money at them and tell them we love them but never spend time with them. 

One of the things we need to be able to do is have empathy for people. If all we do is have sympathy and say "Oh I feel bad for you", it wont change a darn thing! We need to spend time with them and let them tell their stories and feel their pain. Have you and I ever sat down and listened to an orphaned child's story? If not, how come? Do we even care?

Today we ha d a seminar on bullying done by a guest speaker. At one point one teen who has been severely bullied for the last two years stood and shared how she has felt these past two years and how it has effected her. When she spoke and we heard, it changed how we understand bullying. It is the same with orphaned children, we must spend time with them. it is not my idea, it is God's heart!

This RCMP could have just gone to Haiti and noticed orphaned children, but he did so much more. he spent time with them, saw their pain, heard their stories and did something!!!


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