Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Spedbumps and God

One day after we made the decision to officially head to Haiti with an amazing team of people, our first obstacle came up. Obstacles are like speed bumps, they are kind of annoying but you only lose a little speed before you get back up and keep rolling!
I think these speed bumps are important in the planning and preparation for a mission trip. It teaches us many things of which tow are flexibility and reliance on God.

One of the moms going on our trip certainly does not have the money to go on this trip on her own. That is awesome, that means she has to rely on Him as we all do! She texted me today to tell me she could not afford to pick up the meds she needed to get tomorrow for the needles she needs in order to go. The total cost was $94.00. She was discouraged and felt she might not be able to go.

She said what can I do? My answer was let's pray. We did and I told her that there will be many times during our prep and time on the field where we will need to pray and see God's hand of provision, protection, direction, wisdom along with the prayers we will offer up for those we serve.

When I returned home tonight I received a message from a friend , She indicated that they had received an unexpected cheque in the mail for $85 and her husband received an unexpected gift of $15 today and they wanted to give towards the mission trip and specifically for the need I mentioned above. What they didn't know was the amount the lady needed. That is the hand of God!

When we step out in faith to do something that God desires for us, we need to remember that obstacles are just another opportunity for God to show His love for us. Is it always easy? No! Is it incredible to be able to share the big and small things with God? Always YES!


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