Monday, January 28, 2013


I knew when I started out this year, that 2013 would be the year when my feet would be on the soil of new territory. As I pray and seek God it is becoming more and more of a reality. Today marked the beginning of this becoming very real.

It looked unlikely even as late as Friday that we would have enough people to go to Haiti, but the Lord raised up seven people over the weekend that are willing to serve the orphaned children of this impoverished nation. I am so thrilled.
We will be flying into Port au Prince in early March to begin an exciting week there. I not only desire to minister there but also to learn how we as a ministry can best serve the orphaned children of the world. I want to also understand what is being done to take care of those precious children that will age out of the orphanages. We will have opportunities to minister in three different orphanages with the number of children in each ranging from 13 in one to 130 in another.
One of the things that really stood out to me, is the need to be covered in prayer as we go. This may seem like an obvious thing but the truth is we need to serve with the heart of God, be protected by the hand of God and love with the sacrificial love that Jesus showed us during His earthly ministry to the least of these.
I would ask that you would join our prayer team as we prepare to go and as we serve the nation that needs to be changed by the power of His love!


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