Friday, January 25, 2013

Whats my role?

One of the things all of us have to consider as we get older is, what will we do in life? In North America we tend to have many options. In some countries that is not the case. For instance in a country like Zimbabwe there is a 97% unemployment rate. So options would not seem to be varied.

I don't want to really talk so much today about the roles (jobs) we will have in life, but the question I want to ask each one who reads this is: What role are you going to play in the global orphan crisis? The reality is, we all have a role to play, yes all of us! If we are Christians I can tell you for certain that we must play a role in making an impact in the lives of orphaned children. Why because God's heart is for the orphaned child and we as Christians (Christ followers) need to have the Father's heart.

Here are some options for the role you will play:

  • Adopt
  • Foster
  • Open an orphanage
  • Work at an orphanage
  • Bringing visibility to the crisis
  • Raising funds to support an orphanage
  • Providing for the needs of orphanages, clothes and food etc...
  • Sponsoring an orphaned child or orphanage 
  • Sponsoring missionaries who work at orphanages
  • Pray for two or three specific orphaned children
  • Go on a short term mission trip and volunteer at an orphanage
  • Fight human trafficking of children
  • Raise money for a family that is trying to adopt an orphaned child
These are just a few and this list can be so much longer. I would love to hear what you would add to this list Also begin to pray and ask God what he may have you do. Remember you and I are responsible to make a difference!!! 
You have a role to play!!!!!!!!


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