Sunday, February 03, 2013

Impacting an orphaned child

Have you ever wondered what you might do to be able to help an orphaned child to feel loved? Maybe you would say that you would love to make an impact. Well here is an opportunity.
I am taking a mission team to Port au Prince in four weeks. While there we will be ministering His love to three different orphanages that take care of almost 175 orphaned children. We want to love them well and let them know it is not just our team of 10-12 people but a bunch of others too.

Here is what I am looking for. I am looking for about 50 people that will write a short note to the kids that we can read them and leave with them. If you would also include $20 in the letter we could bless their orphanage with some extra money too.

Another way you could help would be too support a missionary. We have 5 people on our trip that need to raise their funds for the trip. Two of our amazing ladies going on the trip come from our community outreach locations. They have no funds to contribute but feel that God is asking them to go and bless others. They each need to raise $1500 and they presently have a commitment for $100 each. What a blessing it would be to show them we love their hearts to serve out of their own lack.

Consider what you can do, your note to an orphaned child, a gift to their orphanage, or the support of one of our two community based missionaries would be truly amazing!


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