Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Jobs and housing

A study was recently done and 15,000 formerly orphaned children in Russia were followed/studied. This number of 15,000 reflects the average number of teens that age out annually. The statistics were as follows:
33% were able to find employment
40% were homeless
20% were in prison within three years of aging out

If people are unable to find jobs, life gets very difficult. In countries that have a welfare system in place, there is a bit of a safety net to catch many. Unfortunately in many nations having no job means a lifetime of hurt and pain.

Imagine for a minute that you step outside of an orphanage at age 17 or 18. You take a look around and wonder what you will do to provide for yourself. You know you cant get a job right away but you sure need somewhere to sleep at night and food to eat. For many who have family and a support system in place you have some needed time to make these things happen.

When you don't have these in place, options dwindle fast. Many of these amazing teens who have already faced many hardships now have a new hardship, no where to have the safety of a home. Have you ever thought that a home provides more than a place to watch television, it means safety. Safety from the elements, but also safety from predators, whether they be animals or human beings.

For the 67% that cant find employment, 40% of them end up homeless. Can you sense their despair? When you become homeless, it is easy to take the next step to being hopeless. Often the only way to be able to eat and sleep is to do illegal things and this leads to so many ending up in prison. At times this may be petty crimes but for many serious crimes follow.

The streets can be a very rough place to live, especially when you are 17 or 18. It becomes survival if you don't end up committing suicide to end the pain.

As I have said before, if this were a problem that we could do nothing about then I wouldn't bring these things up. We can change things and as Christians we are called to get involved. As a follower of Christ we must take the lead in showing Christ's love.

Solutions are coming, are you interested in knowing how you can make a difference?


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