Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Prayer Network

Dexter Hormann is a solid Christian young man serving in the US navy. Please pray for Christian friends and strength. He may be deployed soon and needs to be lifted before the Lord. Pray also for his family who are seperated from their son, especially during the holiday season.

Pray for Rose Milley at Oromocto Indian reserve. Rose called yesterday to tell me that she has been told our ministry and Christianity itself are not welcome on the reserve. She has been asked to stop her kids Bible club and we are not allowed to do our annual Christmas party with the kids. I believe this is the enemy working through people. Pray that God opens the doors as HE is in control not man.

One of our supporters Bernie Chang from Massachuesetts is having some complications from a disesase he has. Bernie has been such an encouragement to us over the years and recently spent over a week in the hospital as a result of a seizure. He is recently married to Bonnie, and they have just purchased a new home. Please pray for Bonnie and Bernie and that God would heal Bernie of Bechettes disease (I think I spelled it right).

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Missionaries with Christian Outreach International

You can check out our ministry at this site. We can provide a way for you and your church group, school grouup or sports team to reach the lost.

October Family Newsleter

Friends and supporters,
This is the time of year when the seasons change. There is a sadness that the warm weather is fading away and at the same time there is an excitement for the fall season and the changing of the leaves, at least here in Canada.
From a ministry standpoint it is also the time of year where the seasons change. Recruiting of teams and churches become the focus. This may seem in some ways to be less exciting, but I want to share with you quotes from those who we have recruited and the impact it has made in their lives.
After completing an impacting outreach here in Fredericton, Sherri from Ohio wrote: Not a day goes by that I don't think of our mission trip, and all that we learned and did there. I do believe the moment of sharing on the street and baptising has forever changed my direction in life. The Lord is calling me and tapping me just about everyday. I am just waiting for God to be clear to both my husband and I as to when and how to move forward in His Name. Thank you again so much for all you taught us and my prayers are with you always.
Justin a teen from Indiana wrote to us recently about the impact his teams trip to Montreal had on them and him. I greatly admire all that you and your family does in Canada and other countries, and the dedication that you have to God! I know that not only is COI Canada changing non-Christian's lives, but also ours who have gone on missions trips. Our youth group is stronger because we have gone on COI missions trips to Canada, which God worked through! We try to extend our trips into our regular lives, trying to do new things to reach people. Thank you! We love you!
Recruiting people for short term mission trips is not the most glamorous job in the world or even in the realm of ministry. The truth is, what we do has an impact far beyond one person or one week of the year. As you have read it can impact for a lifetime and start a new lifestyle.
Last year we had thirteen groups come to Canada. At this point we have a commitment from five groups to come to Canada, and we are just beginning the recruitment season. This coming summer we have teams asking and churches desiring for the COI ministry to come to other areas in Canada including, Hull, Que., Lennoxville, Que., Winnipeg, MB, Toronto, Ont., St. John’s NFLD. As a result of this I sense that many churches in Canada are looking for churches in other areas of the US or Canada to come and help them reach the lost in their cities. As a result we are a very important link in networking churches together and seeing many people come to Christ.
Please pray for us as we continue to seek the Lords guidance as to where He would have us serve. Pray as well for our family as it seems like the attack of the enemy is relentless. We know that God is so much more powerful and that He will sustain us. It is so reassuring to know that we have people praying for us regularly.
One prayer request we do have is for a car. Our car gave up on us and we are in need of one to use or buy.
As of Nov 1, I will be sending out a weekly update on our personal and ministry life. This is done through emaiI. It won’t replace our monthly newsletter. If you would like to receive the Monday report update just send us your email address.
I reported last month that we were at 50% of our needed support. As of today we are now at 67% of our budget. We received a commitment for about $7,000 dollars more and now we need just slightly over $13,000.
All donations are tax deductible from COI. Please send support to:
COI PO Box 2823 Vero Beach, FL 32961-2823 USA
Please enclose a note indicating support is for Ruth and Scott Wood.
Scott, Ruth, Erin and Amy

Friday, November 05, 2004

Prayer requests for our family

1. Ruth's health continues to worsen. Her pain is severe and once again emotionally she is drained from the pain.
2. Scott's health. The pain is becoming more disabling, and emotionally he is worn out, very discouraged.
3. Erins health. She is battling a panic disorder and has missed close to three weeks of school.
4. Amys well being. She is very discouraged and disillusioned as she sees the pain and sickness all around.
5. We need a new car as ours has died. We have a couple of leads but nothing yet.
6. We need to find new tenants for our apartment. It is imperative we find someome by the middle of Dec.
7. We need to raise another $12,800 in order to meet our support goals.

Thanks for praying, we are literally sick and tired!!!