Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Identifying with others pain

I do not enjoy pain. I really do not enjoy seeing others in pain. My heart feels burdened for others that I know who are dealing with intense pain whether it be physical, emotional, spiritual or other.
Last year I was introduced to a young lady who led a mission team to Canada and was great. She recently wrote to me and shared some very difficult things she is going through. Her church leadership is going through incredible challenges, a close friend is terminally ill and she is having severe physical problems and requires a hysterectomy and she has no children. Life is pretty overwhelming!!!
I was reminded that pain comes in so many ways and that being a Christia does not in anyway guarantee that life will be easier, in fact it probably gets more difficult. The positive in things is that we can share our needs with others who can lift us before the Lord.
I know I can pray with more faith for others, more than I can for myself. I do know that I feel blessed to be able to pray for others. I find myself encouraging others when I cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel in my own life.
I need to find others I can pray for and trust others to pray for me, my family, our ministry.
Find someone you can bless by praying for them.